What people are saying

“Meryl’s unique blend of intuitive sensitivity, clarity of expression, and humor, renders her healing work dynamic, thorough, and life changing. She has an uncanny ability to discern the deeper issues that need to be resolved in order to successfully implement the ‘new’.”

M.H., Esq., , Miami Beach, Florida

Meryl has consistently shown the ability to cut through to the heart of issues presented to her. As a result, I have been able to release a tremendous amount of internal conflict along with a painful sciatic nerve problem.

J.R., Physician, , West Palm Beach, Florida

“Through Meryl’s work, I have come to understand the strong connection between body/mind/spirit. As a result, I have been able to dissolve blocks that were interfering with work, relationships, and the ability to focus. I have finally “recovered” myself.”

T.K., Business Consultant, , Chicago, Illinois

Meryl’s energy based healing and guidance is exceptionally powerful. She goes beyond what other counselors have given me by eliminating energy blocks and providing specific suggestions for tools and techniques I could work with to quickly move through problem areas. My work with her has made it possible for me to recapture optimal health, well-being, and clarity of purpose.”

R.S., Writer, , New York, New York

“I highly recommend Meryl Martin. In addition to great integrity, she has a very deep understanding of metaphysics. Our work together has helped me reach decisions that have ultimately altered the course of my life. For that, I am very grateful.”

J.M., Psychotherapist, , Annapolis, Maryland

“Like a jump-start, Meryl’s intuitive guidance empowered me to reclaim authority over my life. Not only did I become more aware of why there has been stagnation in particular areas of my life, I was able to then proceed towards goals that are more aligned with my true nature.”

S.W., Financial Planner, , Aventura, Florida