An Intuitive Consultation takes place by phone or in person. Although the conversation is informal, it is a diagnostic tool through which I gather and sense information about your Archetypal template, present challenges, and true purpose. At some point during the discussion, it becomes apparent to me that buried in the events of those everyday circumstances are the chronic patterns that hinder you from reaching your fullest potential.

Through intuitive insights, I offer guidance that enables you to reverse these lifelong patterns that drain your life force. Equipped with renewed enthusiasm and deeper perspective, you are then able to make empowered decisions that support vibrancy and well being in every area of your life, including the ability to:

  • Create harmonious relationship
  • Advance/Change careers
  • Access creativity
  • Pursue spiritual aspirations
  • Reverse chronic patterns

“Meryl’s intuitive counseling has unveiled a
deeper spiritual dimension in my life while
giving me a firm foundation grounded in
practical sound advice.”

~S. L., Boca Raton, Florida

Knowledge is power. And knowledge of your innermost reality as seen through spiritual sight is the key to reclaiming power and authenticity in your life. Although many are quite successful embarking on a solo journey of self discovery, a trained Intuitive Counselor can provide valuable guidance by pointing out your blind spots and helping you transcend your blocks. As you begin to understand the correlation between your physical world and spiritual symbolism, you come closer to understanding the needs of your soul. It is only then a deeper sense of peace and fulfillment can be embraced.

To schedule an appointment:

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To prepare for an appointment: Before your appointment, take time to determine what area of your life you want to gain clarity. Be able to summarize your current life issues ~ including thoughts, ideas, situations, or changes that have been preoccupying you lately.

Intuitive Counseling Sessions: $235 per 50 minute hour. Sessions are done either by phone or in person.

Martin Method: $235 per 50 minute hour. Sessions include hands on healing as well as intuitive counseling and are done in person.

Archetypal Analysis: $350 per 90 minute session. After establishing the Archetypes that animate your “sacred contracts,” we will interpret them through an Archetypal Wheel. This work was developed by Caroline Myss and is described in her book, “Sacred Contracts.”

Coming Soon: Workshops based on “Anatomy of the Spirit” and “Sacred Contracts.”