The Mystik Monologues: Wisdom for the Worried ©

Intuitive Counselor

Excerpted from Meryl’s popular column,
The Mystik Monologues: Wisdom for the Worried ©

Perhaps your best friend is tired of hearing your problems. Even worse, you’ve grown weary of having them. Well, you’re in luck; relief may be just an e-mail message away. Confide in the the Mystik ’cause she’s all ears…that is, until she opens her big mouth!

“Is your job unrewarding? Do you find yourself in yet another dissatisfying relationship? Is your tush the only aspect of your life that seems to be forever expanding? This is where an objective opinion—like mine—can be helpful.

We all have blind spots, you know, those missing puzzle pieces that prevent us from seeing the entire picture.

So we blame…we kvetch…we project…until we are finally prodded to confront the big, vague questions about the nature of our lives. Still, all the while we overlook the little answers through which bits of our soul are exposed. Enough Already!!!

There’s only one solution: It’s time we start examining our life through the mundane…Why? Because it’s all mundane and it’s all spiritual and it’s all grist for our transformational mill. So let’s ‘tawk’…”Together, we can uncover the greater yearnings of your soul through the seemingly small events of daily life…because personally, I believe that’s where God lives: in between the mood swings, weight fluctuations, and nothing to wear days…as well as the crumbling of old love and the exhilaration of love renewed.”

Combining humor and wisdom filtered through her Brooklyn background, Meryl offers sound advise to anyone who has ever felt discombobulated by the contents of a perfectly ordinary day. From the mundane to the mystikal, she addresses it all:

“I can’t decide whether to . . .

“Happiness is nothing more than a by-product of finding and developing the unique talents that enable you to bring some form of light to where there was once darkness.”
~~The Mystik Monologues

“Am I giving too much? Am I receiving too little?”

“How can I know if he/she is my soul mate?“

“If he/she isn’t my soul mate, is it okay to merely mate with this soul?”

“Letting go. . .”

“Again with the forgiveness???”

But perhaps you’re still wondering, “Why should I share my concerns with a total stranger?” Well, let’s start by getting you even better acquainted. Beneath the gloss of Juicy Rouge lipstick resides a Mystik, a woman who through years of practice and training as an Intuitive Consultant has developed the capacity to recognize the relationship between the components of our physical lives and our spiritual journey. The Mystik offers you a loving yet no-nonsense approach to guidance that reflects a socially conscious, sexually aware spirit.

Her focus is to provide you with a “higher” perspective that not only increases your ability to deal with everyday issues, but deepens your spiritual understanding. Like a straight forward friend, The Mystik calls it as she sees it! And you can bet it’s crystal clear. With New Age savvy, The Mystik fills the Prada pumps left vacant by America’s advice-giving foremothers: Dear Abby, Anne Landers, and Erma Bombeck. So go ahead, take advantage of the confidentiality of cyberspace and email her your concerns. Your best friend will be glad you did.

Please note: Consultations and “Monologues” are not a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological advise. Please consult a licensed professional in these matters.