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The Miami Herald

Getting to The Truth…

It is this mission of personal transformation that drives Meryl Martin, an Energy Healer and Intuitive Counselor, to work with her clients. “Healing is about getting the the truth of who we are,” Martin says.

She repeats a well known quote passed down from biblical times: “If you bring forth what is within you, Save what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

“Illness and discomfort are our soul’s way of urging us to look at something deeper within us,” Martin says. Her role, she says is to help people see what is already there, “to awaken the healer within each individual.”

“As I activate the chakras (believed to be the body’s energy centers), what has been held down starts to emerge,” she says. “And that’s when healing begins.”

In her 26 years of work, Martin, who does not advertise her services but draws a steady clientele through word of mouth, has seen it all. People in the throes of addiction, a woman who watched her fiance drown in a jet-ski accident ~ Clients suffering from everything from backaches to heartaches. . .

The Annapolis Capital

Healing Force Is With Her…

The energy level in Severna Park has increased over the weeks since Meryl Martin moved to the area.

Arriving at the Natural Healing Wellness Center from a practice in Florida, she brought with her an enthusiasm for and expertise in the art of energy healing.

I set a foundation for my clients by helping them understand the direct connection between their emotional well-being and their physical health,” she says.

Ms. Martin, became involved in with what she calls “complementary” healing when she sought to help herself. At one time, she suffered from an eating disorder for which traditional medicine offered no relief. “Eating disorders are not just about food,” she said. “There is an energetic component to all addictions that must be addressed.”

In 1991, Ms Martin expanded her healing practice to include energy anatomy. Adherents of energy healing feel that there is a life force in the body that flows back and forth. You can’t see it, but it’s there. A trained person cannot only feel this force, but also understands if it is causing a problem. Learning to work with that force for Ms. Martin has entailed training with prominent practitioners in the field,

John E. Upledger, the founder of Craniosacral Therapy, and Caroline Myss, author of“Anatomy of the Spirit” and “Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can.”

Ms. Martin, an Energy Therapist and Intuitive Counselor, continues to study under Caroline Myss as one of only 35 candidates eligible for certification in her “Science of Medical Intuition,” program. Ms. Myss is a medical intuitive ~ someone who can evaluate a person’s physical health by reading his “energy field” ~ and then determine any ailments and the emotional imbalance that caused them.

“We’ve crossed over a bridge, entered into a different place in which the primary technique is vibrational energy instead of physical energy,” Ms. Myss says. “Our biography becomes our biology.”

Ms. Martin branched out and created her own system of healing, which she calls the “Martin Method.” In her method, she combines various techniques that she has learned from her mentors. She subscribes to the Eastern belief that energy moves in and out of the body through the centers called “chakras”. There are seven chakras, each of which has unique physical, emotional, and spiritual data. “I work with these energy centers to release the life stress that ultimately influences the quality of our health,” she said.

In her 26 years in the energy healing field, Ms. Martin has encountered people with all kinds of problems ~ addiction, depression, stress, migraines, back and neck aches. Not promising a cure, she encourages people to continue seeing their medical doctors and not to stop treatments or medications. “It doesn’t have to be either – or,” Ms. Martin said. “One form of treatment is meant to enhance the other.