Meryl Martin, The Martin Method™

Intuitive Counselor, Energy Therapist, and Workshop Leader

Meryl Martin is Medical Intuitive / Intuitive Counselor and the founder of The Martin Method™, a powerful healing modality that combines dialoging and imaging techniques with energetic, craniosacral, intuitive, and chakra balancing therapies. This talented Intuitive Counselor’s method not only embraces the holistic approach, which addresses a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health, but it surpasses many modalities in the healing arts because it places emphasis on a person’s energetic being. “Healing physical ailments is only one aspect of restoring health,” says Medical Intuitive Meryl Martin, “but true healing must deal with the factors that generate those ailments. This requires transcending our limitations and expanding our concept of self.”

What issues does The Martin Method™ Address?

  • Building self-esteem Transforming addictive tendencies
  • Alleviating chronic pain
  • Reversing depression
  • Discovering one’s life purpose
  • Accessing creativity
  • Developing harmonious relationships
  • Pursuing spiritual aspirations
  • Gaining awareness of underlying causes of “dis-ease”
  • Adapting to life’s transitions

Quote from Caroline Myss

Meryl Martin is an exceptional counselor specializing in the transformational dynamics of personal power, relationships, and life decisions. Meryl developed the Martin Method, combining her gift for intuitive assessment, deep therapeutic dialogue, a skilled capacity to discern archetypal data and a wicked sense of humor. I asked Meryl years ago why her clients trust her so much and she said that she has never approached healing as a mystery but as an opportunity to shift perceptions and make bigger choices. Meryl is also exceptionally skilled with helping people identify archetypal patterns and she often assists her clients in understanding the symbolic landscape of their life, their challenges and their relationships. One other comment – Meryl has the gift of discernment. She truly can “see clearly” and if there is one gift that helps a person to heal or to move on in life, it’s the discerning clarity of a trusted counselor.

Caroline Myss